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Wigs Made to Order & Fitted

Human Hair or Synthetic

Short wigs Clapham common

Short wigs at the Electric Beauty Salon serving Clapham common London and the U.K

We can make any style of wig, please contact us to discuss your requirements

Short wigs Clapham commonClapham common Short wigsShort wigs Clapham common
Clapham common Short wigsShort wigs Clapham commonClapham common Short wigs

Short, Long or Medium Length Wigs Designed, Made, Fitted

These three options can be produced using any type of hair extensions; Straight, Wavy or Curly Hair

We can also install for you by either bonding or sewing technique.
Bonding: - Using bonding glue, once the hairpiece is made,
it is glued directly to the wig cap
Sewing: - The hair extensions are sewn directly to the wig


Availability includes Short wigs


This is a wig made using a technique which allows you to incorporate your own hair through a U-shaped opening at the very front and top of the wig. This gives a more natural looking hairline.

Wig with Lace Closure

This is a sew-in wig where the closure piece is placed just behind the hair line. It allows the wearer to wear a full wig with no hair left out whilst giving the appearance of a natural scalp area.

Wig with Lace FRONTAL Closure

This is a sew-in wig where the closure goes from temple to temple area, with a realistic hairline that mimics hair growing from the scalp. When installed correctly to the hairline it achieves this effect.

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